Me? You want to know about me?

Ahhhh… You’ve made it through my work and now you want to know a little about the inner workings of this designery nerd? Well sit down and I’ll tell you some things.

The Story:

I have been designing things since I was a wee lass in the UK. My favorite TV show over there was Blue Peter – I could make amazing things with toilet rolls thanks to that show! I was lucky enough to go to a school that taught computers, electronics and Computer Designed Technology. Seriously, we got to make circuit boards, mold plastic and use saws. It was awesome! This lead to my love of technology and I knew I would do something that combined this with my love of design. Back in the dinosaur age, though, choices were limited. Thankfully, I got to go to a fancy NYC school where an Interactive Computer Art degree had just been implemented and I loved every minute.

I started my career in New York City with Time, Inc. It was during the time of Clinton’s impeachment and Bruce/Demi’s breakup. Hard times, indeed, but oh so exciting for a kid just out of school. I created tiles for the then flagship site Pathfinder and also got to design that year’s Emmy’s site.

Being in that fast-paced environment and getting to create things with such a huge reach made my head explode. I was soon snapped up by a very cool start up. This was before the great internet crash when the web was new and exciting. We did so many great projects. I got to create entire CDs in Director using Lingo for people like TD Waterhouse and Kraft publishing. I also got to work on projects for The History Channel,, Wendy’s and Subaru. Splash pages, marketing sites, banner ads, you name it, I did it – all on a power mac pro. Yeah baby!

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to work with B2B shops, an Ivy League university, a massive tech company’s video game department and sales platforms. I’m now back in NC, working remotely for a credentialing application developer whose product is the most complex application I have ever seen. All of these positions have challenged me and allowed me to flex my design and coding chops in really interesting ways.

Outside of work? I love to play video games. My weapon of choice is the Xbox Series X. I tend to have a potty mouth when I game so I won’t share my gamertag just yet. Although, it’s probably not hard to find it somewhere in the depths of the internet. My weekends are usually filled up either playing with my own dogs Pickle, Winston, Tony and Missy Moo; or rolling around on the floor taking photos of rescue dogs (

So what’s next? Well, hopefully, it’s somewhere that my love for good design as well as my pretty dang good coding abilities can help you achieve success. Give me a shout, let’s get it started!